i sleep in vf panties bra & long nightgown all the time
azcd azcd
4 Responses Jun 29, 2011

My preference too except I usually like the shorter style nighties.

I only have one matching set which is of nylon and the colour of Lavender. it is a joy to wear.
Enjoy your nighties

i love buying gowns and matching robe sets of yesteryear full sweep .lucious and so sexy,mmmm.

AZCD, your story is so short theres no meat in it. <br />
Anyway having said that, carry on wearing your nighties, i wear nighties every night and I enjoy the feel of the material wether it is Nylon , Satin or Silk and some other soft materials, they are better to wear than the PJ's that war brought out in 1910's and did not realy catch on until the 1940's. men used to wear nightgowns as well as women in those days so why not now? Men were the first to wear skimpy skirts going back over 35 thousand years ago so why not now? Henry VIII, richard the Lion heart, prince John and Robin Hood (earl of Locksley) all wore tights, why not men now?<br />
So why be ashamed of what you wear now, the Irish, Scots, South sea Islanders and some African country's the men still wear skirt or dress.