My Hubby's Pink Panties

My first experience was an 'Oh my, what is wrong with him experience.'  When hubby said I am wearing pink panties under my jeans for later all I could say was - 'Let me see'...

Immediately I was aroused without knowing why.  Needless to say It didn't take long to head off to the bedroom for some privacy.

He has occassionally worn his panties in public but thinks he is too macho to be caught so has stopped that.  I can still get him to wear them on dates out to movies and such but no more parties, LOL. 

My favorite is to lay out his items for the evening fun.  Silky panties, garter, stockings and a sweet little teddy for him to wear.  He loves wearing his outfits and let me come into the room to catch him stroking his **** through those panties. 

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7 Responses Sep 8, 2009

So many of us guys love Panties.<br />
I am so glad my wife likes me to wear them.<br />
I wear them 24/7.<br />
Why can't a guy like silky undie?

if all wives were like you there would be no divorce in this country

Sen an email to me i have a 9.3 i nch **** that want to share

How lovely! Why not buy him some plain cotton 'Maxi knickers' such as Sloggi Double Comfort Max that he can wear always?

wished my ex wife would have like it too she liked the panties but not after the kids came a long now i have a few women friends who will have me in lingerie for the day while I am with them

Wonderful! Sounds like my wife & I!

I am thrilled the two of you can share this and both enjoy it!