Well Worn

What can be better than seeing a well toned guy in a nice peir of tight fitting pants of any find showing off his buldge and ***..especially if they are well worn giving off the musky smell of manlyness! The shear anticipation and sexualy excitment of anticipation of wondering was delights they contain...waiting to be expo he shoots his seed down ur throatred. The ***** you get by rudding bulges together till precum seeps through. Then the pleasure of sliding them down and releasing the beast...dropping to ur knees and taking the **** in ur both..sucking it and his balls till he seeds ur throat. Then turning to the *** n working the *** n spit up his tight hole until he is relaxed enough for you to ram ur **** hard n deep up his chute till u ***. And for afters eating ur ***. out of his *** and sharing it in a *** kiss before finally swaping undies as a memento or ur encounter...absloute bliss!
thegaychef thegaychef
56-60, M
Mar 30, 2013