I was reading some EP stories when I remembered this.

When I was younger, I got along better with boys. I had only one girl friend, which was my best friend. I'll say her name is Ally.

Anyways, one of our friends, I'll say his name is Shane, invited us to his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. He only invited a couple people, being Ally, another boy I'll say is Michael, and Me. I remember at the time I sort of liked Shane, and Ally liked his older brother, who I'll say is named Kyle. I was 9, Ally (I think) was 11 and Shane was also 11. Kyle was 16.

What happened at Chuck E. Cheeses isn't important. Just the fact that no one went to the bathroom before we left.

When we all got in Shane's mom's car, I sat in the middle, between Shane and Michael. A little while into the trip, Shane started shaking his legs.

"Do you have to pee?" I asked.

"Yes..." He answered.

His mom said that we'd be home soon. Progressively his urge to go got worse, and eventually it made me have to go too. Kyle also had to go. Shane had to go really bad, he was getting desperate. I remember regretting sitting next to him, in case he peed his pants. Although now I wouldn't care about that.

As soon as we got home Kyle ran into the bathroom and Shane waited outside the door. I waited too, but didn't have to go nearly as bad as Shane. Shane was doing an extreme potty dance and grabbing his crotch like crazy. Then, at last, he lost it. His pee flowed everywhere. His eyes got wide and his face was red.

"I won't tell anyone," I told him. (does this count :P)

He ran upstairs and into his room. Kyle came out of the bathroom and I went in.

The End. I haven't heard from anyone but Ally for years.
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Sep 9, 2012