I Wasn't Supposed To Like It!

I've been a pants wetter since I was in my early teens. However, it wasn't until recently that I started getting the urge (and courage) to wet them in public. Initially, it started by going to clubs in my leather pants and wetting them the entire evening. Quite an amazing experience but there's only so many places a guy can rock leather pants. As the experiences progressed, I ended up going to certain gay bars and would wet my jeans while drinking. I haven't done this too many times, and usually only partake when out of town for work or pleasure.

Anyways, it had been awhile since my last pants peeing adventure, so when I was scheduled to be out of town last weekend, I immediately began planning another escapade. So Friday evening I have dinner with friends and head back to my hotel to plan for the night's events. I picked out a bar I wanted to go to and proceeded to guzzel a few beers in the room to work up the courage. You see, no matter how many times I do this I always get nervous beforehand and try to talk myself out of doing this. I imagine its the combination of being embarassed by peeing my pants as well as hanging out in a gay bar.

After about an hr or two of drinking and debating, I decided that I might as well go ahead. I ended up wearing a pair of skinny overalls I bought at forever 21 overtop a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I put on my black cowboy boots over the skinny jeans and headed off to the bar.

I got there, sat at the bar in the far corner away from all the action, and started drinking; by this time already catching a decent buzz given the beers I had consumed earlier. After about 2 or 3 beers I end up talking to a few of the guys around me. Invariably, I get hit on and get drinks bought for me....and this time was no different. Anyways, one guy in particular (about my age) is definitely digging me and loving my overalls. He continues to talk to me and while doing so we both continue drinking. In the meantime, I've been here for about 2 hrs and haven't peed once. As you can imagine, I had to go pretty bad. I wear diapers fairly often and, as a consequence, my ability to hold large amounts of pee for long periods of time has greatly diminished.

As he was talking, I was having an inner debate as to whether I was going to wet my pants in front of this guy or later on. I mean, should I make a scene? Should I completely wet them or just pee a bit? While debating this, I unconsciously crossed my legs, grabbed my crotch, and bounced a couple of times.

The guy noticed this and said, "You gotta pee or something." I said I was ok and he replied, "Well, I wouldn't want you messing up those cute overalls, haha." I laughed as well and we continued chatting. A few minutes later, the urge grew stronger and while he was in the middle of a sentence I let go and started peeing my pants. I didn't even think twice about going! The urge was extremely strong but I probably could held on for another 30 min or so. Either way, I felt it get strong and just let go. I peed for a good 10 seconds before stopping the flow, grabbing my crotch, and saying "I've gotta potty, I'll be right back."

I quickly raced towards the bathroom across the bar with my hands on my crotch. It didn't cross my mind that I was making the scene I had debated a few moments ago. I dashed into the bathroom, which was completely unoccupied, and ducked into a stall. By this time, I had stopped peeing so I decided to survey the damange to my overalls. My pants were clearly wet in the crotch, about the size of a dinner plate, but the overalls were dark blue and the bar was dark so I figured I could do a little more. I squeezed my legs together so that more of the pee would end up on my crotch and peed for a few more moments. Now my crotch and the front of thighs were completely wet.

After I finished, I did the rest in the toliet and left the bathroom and walked into the bar. Immediately, I noticed a few people looking in my direction; maybe 2 or 3. I also saw another man looking curiously at my crotch. More than likely they saw my little mad dash for the bathroom and were wondering if I made it on time. Clearly I did not and upon exiting the bathroom, I realized the bar area really wasn't quite as dark as I recalled. While I was embarassed, my inihabitions were lowered so I casually walked back across the bar to the area I was immediately prior. The man I had been talking to was no where to be found. I turned around with my back to the bar and front to the crowd and scanned the scene. No one was looking at me and everyone was wrapped up in their own conversations.

At this point, I'm excited.....in more ways than one...and I'm contemplating whether I should order another drink or make my exit now. The alcohol has definitely kicked in .....the DJ was playing a song I liked, so I stood there at the bar dancing by myself while I ordered another beer. Screw it, I'm hanging out in my pee pants all night.

Another song comes on and I continue sort of dancing and watching the crowd, when suddenly I feel some come up behind me and start dancing on me. I turn my head quickly and look and it was the guy I was talking to earlier. I started to turn around and say hi but he sort of prevented me so I still had my back to him. I decided to keep dancing and while the song progressed, his dancing turned into a grind. Whoa, I thought, way more than I wanted. I figured I'd dance this song, crush the beer, and duck on out. Well, his hands, which were on my hips, ventured down to my crotch and he started fondling my crotch through my overalls.

After a couple of second he asks: Did you wet your pants? A million thoughts race through my mind as this guy continues to dance on me and massage my pee soaked crotch. "Umm yeah, I had a little accident." "I'd say." he responded. " Your little overalls are soaked. Do you pee your pants often?" "umm...no not all the time." I couldn't think of anything to say.....because I mean, between the questioning, the wet demin, the rubbing, the fact I hadn't gotten off in a few days.......I was rock hard! I couldn't believe it! No this is not supposed to be happening. I've never hooked up with a guy, I'm not gay.

While these thoughts are racing through my mind, the massage continues and I know he can feel my *****. I should stop this. This isn't what I wanted......but then again my **** is clearly saying otherwise. What am I going to say, I'm not into this? What am I going to do? The song ends and another begins and the dancing simply continues on. By this time, his hand had slid from the outside of my overalls to underneath and he was fondling my **** through my soaking wet tighty whites. He continues making comments about my wet pants and within moments his hand is inside my peed briefs and he's stroking my ****.

At this point.......all my reservations had gone out the window. He is still standing behind me, still grinding on my *** while he strokes my **** through my overalls. I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to ***. I back up closer to him and could feel his ***** through his jeans. As I was dancing, I started bouncing up and down to coincide with his strokes. It didn't take more than a few seconds before I exploded in my pants. He kept stroking it until he was sure there was nothing left. As he was pulling his hand out he wiped the *** from his hand onto my briefs and stomach. He laughed and said "Now your overalls are pissy and sticky!" I laughed and we stopped dancing and turned around and talked. It was that point that the realization of what just happened hit me. I just got jacked off in the middle of a gay bar in peed in pants by another guy. I couldn't believe it. I was embarassed.....did anyone see?

After a few moments later he disappeared to talk to some people he knew. I hung around for a bit and had another beer. During this time a few other people noticed my peed pants and two even asked about it. I blamed it on being drunk but acted like I didn't care. After another beer or two, I ducked out the back and headed home. On the way back, all I could think about, is that I wasn't supposed to like that....but I did.
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wonderful story

Glad you guys liked it; thx for the comments!

You can always claim you did it while drunk! ;-)

My God what a hot story!!!!! I just came in my pants reading it!

You don't have to be gay to enjoy an experienced and well-meaning hand.