Love to See Boys Wet Their Pants (no Homo)

I like seeing boys wet their pants more than girls. I don't know why I'm not gay or bisexual. Maybe its because I'm a boy and I like wetting my pants.

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It makes common sense that seeing a guy in desperation or losing control would be erotic. That is what happens when a guy comes, he loses control of his prostate. Some guys have *** in thier pants and it looks the same as if the guy had peed his pants. Both fluids travel out of the same tube, the urethra. That isn't true for girls where the urethra is designed different and the sexual parts are just slightly in a different place.<br />
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The reasons people get something out of it varies almost as much as there are people. The question that seems most important is why we like seeing other guys wet their pants:<br />
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1. Straight guys and some gay ones as well: Superiority. Simply put. The final exam was three and 1/2 hours long. I made it through the test. Johnny wet his pants after begging to go for an hour with only 20 minutes left. Sexuality is complicated. All guys get a bit of erotic feeling when some guy is put down a little whether it be in arm wrestling or basketball. But because of a life time of teaching guys how humiliating and how demeaning it is for a guy to wet his pants, it is double or triple the effect. <br />
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Suppose a guy had multiple ******* to the point that he looked like he has pissed himself all he way down both legs. That would be a turn on if the guy was thinking of himself as the guy. I suspect that the fact that both fluids flow out of the male organ and both flow out in pants only after losing control is a significant reason. Guys can't just go to the toilet and whip it out and have an ****** between classes at least it would be rare for it happen. ****** usually happen as a result of an "activity" which causes the guy to "lose control" and ***. When a guy wets his pants, usually it is after a major battle with the bladder because the bladder is way too full of urine. That makes the two activities similar.<br />
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Lastly, but just as important. sexual labels may not be as important and so concrete as we have been led to believe. If boys were raised from birth in a boarding school and all their textbooks were designed so that there was no mention that there was another gender, female. what would be the logical outcome? Of course by high school, there would have to be a convincing story of how the ***** was taken and placed in some lab to grow into being babies. <br />
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But this is a pretend situation to point out that there wouldn't be very many boys that would not engage in gay sexual activities. Not ever seeing or hearing of the female gender and only seeing gay behavior most of this special school would lead to I suspect 90 % of these boys being into gay behavior. There teachers would all be gay and into partners. The movies would all be about two boys falling in love. When two men at the school fell in love, there would be this fabulous wedding with everyone there hearing the officiant saying now you may kiss each other to seal this new partnership.<br />
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How many boys by the age of 18 would be saying this is sooooo wrong?<br />
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My point, we all have a little straight and a little of both gay and straight in every guy. Certainly more guys have a lot for straight than gay tendencies. That doesn't mean that all straight guys have 100 % tendencies.<br />
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This discussion is the main reason why real toilet denial in teacher and student; employer and employee and parent/child should never be practiced except in cases when a toilet really really isn't available. Too many people enjoy seeing someone else wet their pants.<br />
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Since it can be so humiliating to a child, a new employee, a student of any age, it shouldn't be done except in cases where the two people are in equal situations. That changes EVERYTHING! Especially when as young as age seven I had picked up on the fact that some adults liked seeing children wet their pants. I wasn't certain of it, but I knew it looked like they really wanted it to happen. Now looking back, I know that is exactly what they wanted: Some child and sometimes it was me to wet their pants because we couldn't control our bladders anymore.

That was a very well thought out and detailed analysis. It gave me some insight I never would have thought of.

I appreciate your analysis. Indeed I agree that there are few if any truly 100% "straight" guys and probably not that many 100% "gay" guys. There is definitely a continuum, and we all fall somewhere between the outer most extremes. I have always fallen somewhere probably roughly in the middle, but I vacillate from time to time between one side or the other. When I was younger, I probably tended more consistently toward the "straight" side than I do now, but I always have enjoyed seeing other guys in speedos, jammers, and tight jeans and always enjoyed the thoughts of another guy wetting his pants - and I most certainly have always enjoyed peeing my own pants. Of course I also enjoyed the idea of seeing a girl wet her pants too, and had the good fortune to see it a few times. I had the good fortune to work at an amusement park when I was in college, running a pony trail ride for kids. There were several occasions when a kid wet his pants on the ride or just before getting on the ride. I thoroughly enjoyed it every time, and did my best to make the kid feel it was "no big deal" and to just go ahead and enjoy the ride and have a great day. It seemed that boys were probably about 3 times as likely as the girls to wet their pants. My own sons wet their pants a few times when they were growing up. My older boy peed his jeans big time at age 13 when we were in the truck traveling, and he had been drinking a lot of soda and he and his younger brother got into a silly, giggling mood and he lost it, completely soaking himself! The seats had had fake "leather" upholstery so it really was no real problem. I always did my best to comfort them when they wet themselves and made sure that they felt "no big deal - your pants will dry in a while so what the heck? Just enjoy the day." The day my older boy totally soaked his pants, we were actually on vacation pulling a travel trailer, so when we came to a rest area, we were able to let him get into some dry clothes.

I am straight, but I like to watch as a guy pees his pants. Of course I also love to watch/help a lady wet her panties also. And I enjoy a good what I call an engineered accident in my pants. Where I wait til I have a "real" accident. I would like to have a man watch as I **** myself, wouldn't bother me.

I like seeing men and women alike wet their pants. I am a straight woman, but it turns me on either way.

I also know what you mean when you say that you enjoy a wet guy. I also enjoy seeing a guy wet his pants or even just get wet in his clothes. I am also str8. I wonder if deep down inside on like a subconscious level we could be bi or maybe bi curious? Any one have any thoughts on this?

When I first started doing this thing when I hit puberty, I hated, hated the classmates who were macho. At that time, I thought that somebody peeing themselves was the ultimate emasculation. And I assure you, it is humbling when it happens truly by accident when you don't want it to happen (which has only occurred twice for me actually).<br />
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I am sure there are women who would have liked to point their pencils at another female student and say 'Pantalones Pissticus' like Hermione Granger with her wand and cause a well coordinated disaster to happen... Maybe this is what lies beneath the sexuality of this?

I think the attraction with watching other guys wet is 1) more of it goes in the front and you can see it better, 2) you can "relate" to how it feels.<br />
I'm more straight than not, but I've had fun with some guys too (ones that like pee fun). I enjoy anybody that pees and enjoys it.

i'm the same, i'm straight and i like to see guys pee their pants. i love the shame and humiliation of pants wetting, and for a guy to pee himself is one of the most humiliating things to do.

I can agree with you all that I like to see other men wet themselves, but am straight. I would really like to chat with others into this. Please message me!!

This is an interesting thread! I've noticed that a lot of women wetters like to see other women wetting or peeing, but say that they are straight. It never did anything for me, although I love to wet myself. I just like to see the guys. So this is the equivelent situation for men. That's all, just thought it was interesting.

I was teased a lot as a kid for wetting my pants I never say a guy wet that would be great my husband is a bedwetetr like I am but I wet my panst too so I wear diapers 24 7

Once a friend and I were having a few beers and decided that we wouldn't pee. We both got to the point where we couldn't sit still, and watching him was such a turn-on that I got hard and would have had a tough time peeing anyway! It took longer than I thought before he finally peed his pants, and even that was a lengthy process. A lot of leaking before he totally lost it. Of course, I had to go real bad myself, and that made the excitement more intense. A good way for two guys to spice up a dull evening, and you never can tell what it will lead to!