I Love to See Men Pee In Their Pants!

I love to see grown men pee in their pants.  Especially men who are wearing jeans.  I have only witnessed this a few times.  I too am a pants wetter.  I enjoy peeing in my pants.  I do it quite often.  I guess this would explain the excitement of watching other me pee in their pants.  I would love to find a man that lived close to me and would like to get together and pee our pants together.  That would be HOT!  I could just imagine.  I did get my boyfriend several years ago to pee in his pants for me.  We had been out drinking and had come back to my house.  He had to go real bad and was heading for the bathroom.  He knew of my fetish with peeing in my pants.  I asked him if he would pee in his pants for me.  He was drunk enough that he said OK.  We were outside sitting on the porch enjoying the warm summer evening and having a few more drinks when he did it.  He looked at me and said I can not hold it anymore.  I could see a dark spot start to grow on his crotch and start to pour out of his jeans onto the porch floor.  I just stood there in amazement and excitement watching him **** his pants.  I in return while watching him was soaking my jeans with pee as well.  It was such a turn on for me.  He seemed to like it as well.  We then went in and got in the shower with our wet clothes on and well, I guess you can figure out what happened after that.  ;)  So if there is a decent man out there that wants a pee buddy, message me.  I am up for some pee pants fun!

wetjeanstn wetjeanstn 31-35, M 5 Responses Sep 29, 2008

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Watching a guy peeing his pants is a fantastic thing. But the best is peeing pants together. If a guy is peeing his pants I have to do the same.

It would be hot if I had the key to the toilet and refused to let you have it and you totally pissed your pants, but only if it was really hot for you as well.

Watching a guy doing the pee-pee dance is fun and seeing the end when he gives up is the best. I always want to join in the fun and have done so a couple of times.

I agree with Spectator - desperation and loss of control makes it a lot more interesting.

It's even better if it happens because he can't hold it any longer.