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The Wet Spot!

This weekend I went to our local Thanksgiving/Christmas parade.  It was a cold morning and I was enjoying watching the floats, bands, and others pass.  The parade had been going on for about 45 minutes when I saw it.  I saw in the distance two men carrying a banner for a church with a float behind them.  It was a local church that had done the float.  I was rather bored with that, but kept looking and I am glad I was.  As the two men carrying the banner came closer, I noticed that the one on the right and near me was rather cute.  So I started to eye him up and down.  He was walking to the side of the banner so you could see all of him.  He was dressed rather cute and had on some hot looking American Eagle jeans (I am a clothes ***** so I know my brands from a mile away).  That is when I noticed it.  He had a big wet spot on his crotch.  Not just a little spot, but a huge one.  It started about midway down his his zipper and rounded out beautifully about 5 inches past his crotch and down the leg.  I was in shock.  I just looked in amazement.  He had peed in his pants.  I could tell.  I mean I being a pants ******, know that kind of spot.  I know it all too well.  He had pissed in his hot jeans.  I just kept looking at that spot and then made eye contact with him.  He looked straight at me.  I wanted to point to his wet spot and smile and nod yes, but I was frozen.  He was marching beside the banner instead of behind it which most would after peeing in their pants.  He was not.  He was showing it to all the world.  His jeans were dark, so it was not that obvious, but it was still noticeable.  I was so turned on.  I just wanted to run out into the street and grab him, his wet spot and plant a huge kiss on him.  LOL  Being that he was walking with a church group, not a good sign.  I was so turned on and rather embarrassed by it being in public like that.  Thank goodness I had a long coat on. ;)  I still am thinking about it.  I saw a grown man that had peed in his pants.  Not a full release, but enough.  So HOT!  So, if by chance this guy is into peeing his pants and is on this site and reads this, please contact me.  I am looking for a local guy that is into peeing his pants.  All in all, it was a GREAT parade!  That was my favorite part.  Ah, memories! 

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Need: We are on a roll here on the mutual admiration society page!<br />
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There are many police officers, store owners, parents, teachers at school, and macho guys on planned field trips, bus drivers etc that I have wanted to make a wish and have it happen; that their bladders would be within two teaspoons of losing control and every time they passed or overlooked an opportunity to pee the urine would increase by a half teaspoon until they either admitted they had to go. Or, if they were foolish enough to ignore four reasonable chances to relieve their bladders; they would **** their pants royally!!! LOL That means wet down both legs with puddle on the floor and no dark or black jeans to hide the fact!<br />
<br />
There has been a store owner or two that refused use of their private toilet when it was obvious that the person wasn't going to make it to the public toilets.<br />
<br />
Police officers that have delighted in delaying procedures so that a teen or adult would wet pants before the procedure was over. The officers seem to delight in this according to people that have been in this situation. One teen was told in order to pee, he would have to removed all clothing and be totally in the nude to pee. Otherwise, there was no need to remove clothing. Humiliation either way! In the later case, there were no arrests made.<br />
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There has been a teacher or two that it was well known that they didn't allow a student to go to the toilet and it was obvious to the entire class that the chances of making it ot the end of the lesson were remote and the student wet his pants in class. There was no sympathy or regret for allowing the wetting accident to take place. I'm referring to students from age 11-18, not first graders!<br />
<br />
I've so much wanted those teachers to be in the exact same situation the very next day. In my dream world an administrator who wasn't happy with the teacher for allowing that to happen, would happen to stop by for an observation standing of course in front of the doorway and not budging from that spot.<br />
<br />
When the teacher finally admitted that there was this urgent need, I would want to hear the principal to say in a voice for all the students to hear. "The lesson is over in 15 minutes, I'll watch the classroom during the passing time so you can go to the toilet then. You will need to wait until the lesson is over. That is the rule in this classroom isn't it?' <br />
<br />
And if I would like to be that administrator and had that kind of power over the teacher's bladder, unless the teacher decided to change the rule for the students, I would stand there at that door and let that teacher totally **** his/er pants!<br />
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What is fair for one is fair for all!!! LOL <br />
<br />
Some people only have to go three times a day. They have never been in a situation where they really were desperate. Some people have to go much more often and have desperation symptoms early on, and sometimes have incontinence as a result. <br />
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On the other hand, other have used this opportunity to get back at someone. Or worse, for their personal enjoyment. That is a bit immoral to "force" someone to do something for your own sexual arousal. That borders on sexual assault!

I don't get any enjoyment out of humiliation, but there are some people whose egos needs a bit of deflating. The need to pee is a great leveler.

WOW!! Your comment at the end is right on. So true. I could not have said it better, nor will I try. :-)

If everyone is like me, you wonder how this could have happened. Why didn't he go to the restroom. I'm sure he did the last chance he had. There is a deadline to be at the parade site ready to go, but often no portapoties. The guy most likely peed at home, got to the site 30 to 45 minutes later. Then there was a close to an hour before the parade really got into high gear. That is more than two hours. Add a large drink due to nerves; add small bladder; and you have it. A fairly young guy marking down the road with wet pants on.<br />
<br />
I've got to go to more watch of course.<br />
<br />
Sebastian,As always, I love your all your stories; now you are an adult; and you aren't and never were in my classroom!!!You are some fortunate guy to witness this parade! The closest I've come is to see some lads getting out of the car. The riders for sure had been drinking. One of the guys in his twenties, I think, had a giant wet spot around his crotch. It was obvious how it got there! It didn't seem to bother him. No one mentioned it or even acted like they noticed it. I see the guy every now and then and grin to myself when I do! needtogo:I agree totally with your statement. "hot to see a guy who has pissed his pants out of necessity and to speculate about how it happened." But at the same time, I feel a little guilt for enjoying something that may be the most humiliating thing that has happened to him in an entire lifetime.But if he isn't particularly embarrassed or humiliated, then I can really enjoy the scene!

I'm into desperation rather than wetting, but it's hot to see a guy who has pissed his pants out of necessity and to speculate about how it happened.

That is cool man. Question though...what female wrote of this experience? I wrote this and I am male. LOL Unless I misread your comment. LOL Women seem a bit more open with their wetting than men, so you might have some luck. Good luck with your search.

i am male, and would also have loved to see this..........tho a female wrote the story of her experiences. I would love to have a female become aware of me peeing in my jeans....and would pee all the more..........and hope that she might do the same for me to see!!

Thanks Oujay!! I always glad to meet a fellow pants wetter and friend. I am glad that you have found the time to do it in public a bit. Such a WET rush! For sure!! Enjoy, stay wet, and have fun. Later...<br />

wooooow thats to HOT, wetjeanstn ive been following your storys on live journal and xtube and im a huge fan of you.Im still to scared to do it in public but i have had an acedent in public <br />
<br />

That was hawt...ppl im me on aim callmealexredsox...want 2 meet ppl like me

That's always been my fear--either being in a parade or watching a parade and having to the bathroom. A few years I was in Washington, DC, waiting for the Redskins to go by--they had just won the Superbowl. It was freezing and there was tall guy in a long coat, fortunately, who was telling his buddies that he had to go to the bathroom real bad. One of them pointed toward a Federal building, but of course it was closed. i wanted to tell the guy to just go in his jeans, and the long coat would take care of things. But then, he may not have just had to pee!

The only time I'd ever seen anything like this was in a Pride Parade a couple of years ago. The Pride Parade, of course, is in the summer when it's hot. I'd found a great spot where the parade turns a corner about half a mile to its end, so the parade had been going for quite a while before it reached my location.<br />
<br />
As one of the floats turned the corner, I noticed one of the guys on the float, waving to the crowd and wearing nothing but a pair of tight blue trunks or shorts or something. He, too, had a large wet stain on his crotch. If it bothered him, he didn't let on because he wasn't trying to hide... he was smiling and waving at the crowd as if nothing was unusual.<br />
<br />
Believe me... the next year I had a camera... but never saw anything like that again.<br />
<br />
Great story! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks guys! Yes, I should have winked or something. I was just so shocked and surrounded by families and kids, it was just a strange, but still hot moment. I do hope to see him again. His face has already faded in my mind, but his wet crotch is as vivid as seeing it in person. Yes, maybe he will be on here and read my story. I can hope. ;)

Hope you find your guy

That's too cool! Too bad you didn't smile a wink or something. It sounds to me like he would've enjoyed knowing you noticed and who knows just because he was in a church group doesn't mean he isn't bi or curious.

Me too, but this one was the BEST ever!