Sleepy Delight

I am a very lucky guy. I am married for the second time to a woman who loves sex! She likes to be naughty and tease me. She cares for my fetishes and makes me very horny. Besides she gives the best blow jobs I have ever had!

Last night while I was asleep I began to feel a hand on my ****. I was half asleep while I was feeling my wife give me a hand job. I felt my **** getting bigger and harder coming to a huge size.

Then all of a sudden I felt her wet warm mouth on my **** sucking it ever harder. I couldn't see anything because the room was dark. I could smell her smoke which made me even more horny. You see, my wife who was a non smoker when we met started to smoke to please me. I love the feel her exhaling the warm smoke over my erect ****. I was kissed passionately
tasting her smoky lips. Now I was really turned on. I could not see her smoke, with exception of her taking drags while she blew me.

I was so hard and big when she mounted me. We had an intense session with her coming 5 times. She moaned in pleasure with every ***. After her fifth ***, she could feel I was going to explode.

She got off and she lit another cigarette. My wife who now sports a medium length shag haircut looked so perfect. She knows I love her haircut because she cut it this way just for me. I was now ready as I have everything to ***. We kissed while I took in her smoky taste. As she was smoking she continued to give me a hand job. I saw he inhale deeply that I started to shoot my load all over her. I kept coming when she exhaled and turned her hair onto my ****.

Having been aroused earlier in the night, I had a large load all ready to go. My balls were so tight while she cradled them in her hand. Well my load came out and I came all in her beautifully cut hair. When I was done, 30 or so seconds later, I could see the white *** dripping from the back and side of her hair.

She finished her cigarette and we kissed. She blew her smoke at me while we continued to kiss for several minutes. I was exhausted. She went to get a towel to remove the *** from her hair. She cleaned me up and kissed me. I fell back to sleep.

When we got up the following morning, I asked her what happened. She told me "she was horny". She also knew I wanted to *** before we went to bed and felt guilty because she was to tired to make love.

I kissed her again passionately and told her how much I appreciate all that she has done for me. I really am a lucky guy. Believe me, the second time around is the best!
swmp321 swmp321
56-60, M
Jan 9, 2013