My Smoking Wife

Hi we are happily married couple...Im 25 she is 24...Her name is Khushi...she was a chain smoker in college days with her X boyfriend who was a bad guy...who tought her to smoke..she was too a bad girl in college...Then she fell in love with me and we married...then she was completely changed woman...I tried to make her forget her bad past and her addictions...Suddenly one day My friends made me smoke and I felt really horney...I thought Why should my wife be injusticed?? I went up to her that night and talked frankly about her previous smoking habits...our chats grew sexier as she opened her secrets about how she smoked and drink with her X. So i encouraged her to smoke,...i told her I do not mind if she smokes! But she refused and wanted to remain a good woman now onwards..Once While having sex...My trick worked and I took out her favourite Marlboro Lights and seduced her...I insisted her to take a sip..and she did it!!! my lord it was so sexy! Then she was relaxed...Now onwards we both smoke togather on bed and she even tought me some tricks of exhaling smoke...! I love to see her horny eyes when she smokes..makes me feel so good to be her husband! I love you khushi...Enjoy smoking..but in limit..not more then 2 per day!

ParthMaru ParthMaru
22-25, M
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Isn't it wonderful when your wife smokes for you. It is something so special. Your a lucky man.

hi i like your story.even i enjoy smoking with my wife.mostly in indian woman dont smoke but v enjoy!!!!

Yes rahul...its awesome to have a smoking wife...its just damn sexy....try to get her addicted to drinks and smoke...this will charm ur nights...and i guess u also must be having the liking of wife sharing...

hi parthmaru we never did be4..we started drinking vodka..bye take care

Hi Rahul

hi i like your story.even i enjoy smoking with my wife.mostly in indian woman dont smoke but v enjoy!!!!

tgavdr..this is for u..Tell ur wife that u really like to smoke on bed and it makes u excited to have more wild sex...and some day..tell her to take a sip and tell her that she looks damn sexy while smoking...this will surely work out...

Nice chaps , but how do i get mine to start?We've been married for 10 years and she sees it as a sin to Please?

i also like as my wife too smoking

2 cigarettes or 2 packs?

its so nice that your wife smokes!

i really like ur story. i felt the same experience with my wife. when she smokes it works on me. but my wife smokes 4 per day.