Teasing Goes A Lot Further With Teens

If you haven't read our other stories, let me explain a few things. We are a 25 year old couple. I've always loved to watch her tease and flirt with other guys in the hopes of one day maybe sharing her. Lately I've discovered that it drives me extra wild to see her tease and flirt with teens. Putting myself in their shoes 9 or 10 years ago I know how horny teenage guys are and I know that an encounter with a girlfriend like mine is really a dream come true. Our last story detailed how she acted at a freshman party with a couple of guys. She grinded and danced with them and even gave one a kiss on the lips. The most erotic thing for me about our last story was hearing that despite being much younger, both guys she grinded with had bigger, thicker ***** than me!! This story happened this previous weekend. At first I thought she'd gone too far but looking back now it's the hottest experience of my life.

We took a weekend break to a little country village. Usually we stay in a big hotel with a pool and jacuzzi so I can enjoy all the guys looking at her body in her skimpy bikinis but this time we stayed in a little cottage. We were having a great time but hadn't got the chance to let our naughty sides out yet. We were staying about 15 minutes walk from the town and were surrounded by woodlands. It was a nice evening so we decided to walk into town for dinner. She was wearing one of my favourite outfits on her, a stretchy pink tanktop that clung to her body. He pink pushup bra made it look like her **** would spill out at any second. On the bottom she had a loose silky flowery skirt that came to about mid thigh. Underneath she had her pink thong on. She looked incredibly sexy and would surely standout.

But we didn't need to wait till dinner for the fun to begin. We were about 5 minutes into our walk into the town. There wasn't a car on the road, it was so quiet. Up ahead we noticed three teenage boys just sitting on a wall, bored. Can't blame them, there was nothing to do around here. As we approached them, they went silent, she had clearly grabbed their attention. The only noise in the air was the clip clap of her high heels on the road. There was a thick sexual tension in the air. She knew all eyes were on her. And it brought out her naughty side. She stopped at the boys to ask for directions, she was so overly friendly and stood there for a good two minutes letting them drink her all in.

They gave us directions and were very helpful, so she said "Thank you boys so much, if there's any way I can repay you just tell me" and with that she leaned over ever so slightly so the boys were staring deep into her cleavage. The boys were silenced, none of them could even utter a word. She had a sly smile on her face. We turned to leave but we'd only gone about 7 steps when one of the boys finally worked up some courage and piped up "You could show us those ****!"

I couldn't believe he said it. His friends couldn't believe he said it. It looked like he couldn't believe he'd said it. But she just turned around calmly and said "not here...follow us." She crossed the road and began to walk between the trees for shelter, I was walking a couple of steps behind her unable to believe what was going on. The boys followed eagerly. We eventually reached a secluded spot and she stopped and turned around. It was quite cramped and we were all no more than two meters apart. Without another word she faced the boys and pulled down her top and bra unleashing her huge soft ****.

"Well, what do you think?" she said

The main boy was clearly growing in confidence and said "Can I touch?"

She laughed "well that's not exactly fair...If you wanna touch I'm gonna need to see something in return! Take out your **** for me and you can have a squeeze."

Without delay he undid his pants and took out his ****. I couldn't believe it, he was hard as a rock. He was just as thick as me and much much longer. She looked shocked but said "Ok then...go ahead."

He slowly walked forward and grabbed her ****, he was in heaven. It looked like she may have too much breast for him to handle but he squeezed and squeezed. She was gasping in pleasure but then muttered "ooooohhhh kay.....that's enough". She looked down at his ****, it was throbbing. She bit her lip. it looked like she had a plan...she turned around and bent over exposing her luscious ***...he was clearly getting confident because he walked up and spanked it straight away! She turned around and said, "well now you've got to touch my *** too, it's only fair if i get to touch your ****!"

I couldn't believe it...it was like she forgot I was there...she was lost in lust and I thought my **** was going to explode. She took a hold of his **** and started to stroke. 7 or 8 strokes and he had shot a huge load all over her bare leg...

She looked at the other two boys and said, if either of you can last 1 minute in my hand I'll suck your *****! They both eagerly took out their *****....My jaw dropped....they were both much much bigger than me too. I was the oldest, strongest guy of the 4 of us and yet I had the smallest ****. They rushed over to her and took one *** each. She took one **** in each hand. I couldn't believe what was happening...I loved it. After just a few storkes, both had shot huge loads over her legs...

"Aw well...maybe next time." With that she rubbed the *** into her legs, took my hand and walked away from the boys.
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Your girl is fucken awesome

lol...I did something similar with a few gardeners at a house once..my bf and I were going out to lunch and I was wearing a very short spring dress. He asked me if I would go pose for a few pics with these 3 guys doing yard work at this house. I told him sure. He then went over and asked them if he could take a few pics of me pretending to rake and mow. When I got out of the car, the guys were all flirty with me. After a few times pretending to rake and push the mower, he then told me to pick up the leaves. When I told him I didn't want my pretty dress to get dirty, he then came over and unzipped the back and pulled it up over my head. I was now standing in front of all these old guys in just my silk blue panties, ankle socks and slip ons. They were all stunned as I scooped up the leaves and put them in the trash. Still not satisfied, he then asked me to take my panties off and give them to one of the guys. So, I stunned my bf by asking the oldest guy to take them off for me. He kneeled down right in front of me and slowly peeled them off. I could feel his breath on my kitty as he took them off me. I then asked him if he would like some pics for his time, so he took his cell out and had his friend take a few, including his hand on my butt, picking me up and holding me so I was totally exposed. When he put me down, I asked to see him. He wasn't big, but was also very hard. I then got on my knees and stroked him and used my other hand to caress his balls. He lasted about 6 seconds..lol. I then did the other 2 guys too and they didn't last either. One guy came in like 3 seconds. I then walked over to the hose and washed my hands off, kissed each one of them on the cheek, and put my dress back on. I walked over to the old guy and put my panties in his hand and told him to keep them...what a day!!

Wow...this must have been a fantastic thing to watch! Great story!

Great read. Hopefully you can write some more stories soon.

DAmn thats a hot story