I Love To Look At Naked Older Women!

I was 22 years old when I meet this hot older lady who was in her 40s and she was the one who popped my cherry! We were lovers for 2 years and then the relationship ended but I then meet and hooked up with a 50some lady! Back in the 90s things were a little differnt. It was still taboo for young men to desire and want to make love to older women. So I discovered the Adult Yahoo groups and this was when the yahoo groups had very good photos and videos. Some of the adult pornstar groups were even run by the pornstars! When I had the time I would go into the adult bookstores and look for videos and dvds where the performers were older women and younger men. Thats when I discovered Kitty Fox and the swinging granny. For a time there was some good **** that had to do wtih older women. when I wanted the real thing I would get dressed up and go to the local masage parlor. I was the youngest she has ever had! I was 25 years and she was in her later 40s. She was very hot! Her name was "Star" and she was Thai. I had the biggest crush on her but she only wanted me as a John! It sounds so odd but things have changed alot! It has become 'trendy' for younger men and older women to hook up and fall in love. It has even gotten to the point where teenage girls hook up and date boys of 12 or 13 of ago! In a few years time I thnk that age will not even matter. The one thing that will matter is that fact that they love and care for one another.
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Interesting....I have always loved the 40 something woman. When I was a teenager I always 'worshiped them from afar, etc. and as I have aged I went through the 40 somethings and beyond. I now have a much more interest in the 40 something women as I'm a 60 something now. I stay in shape and have lots of testosterine and always hope for the opportunity with another 40 something woman...happens once in a while too...

Oh wow! Thank you for posting.

Age does not matter. I too was young and had this 33 married mother of two come on to me and I took her up on it for 5 years. I would have married her in a heart beat if she would have divorced her husband but she would not because of her children. She was a good woman who was in need of good hot sex which her husband did not give her. Even her husband found out and we continued for two more years until I moved 1000 miles away. She was a gorgeous redhead woman and I was just a young tall man at 23. I wish I could get with her today but she says she is too old for the emotions it requires of slipping around with her husband retired and always home. We only live 50 miles apart now.

I am 36 years old and I still love older women! I now look for lovers who are between the ages of 40-65. When it is finally time to settle down I want a lover who is at least 10 years older. The funny thing is that it is no longer so taboo for younger men to desire,date or want older women! It is now very common for men in their 20s to have girlfriends who are in their 30s!

The first woman I had sex with was quite a bit older than I was. I was 19 and she was in her 30's. She was very experienced and of course I wasn't. But she made me very comfortable and taught me a lot. We had sex on our first real date and I clearly remember that she quickly undressed me and started sucking my ****. Turned out that she loved that particular activity and did it whenever she could. But she would also ask me to do other things that due ot my inexperience at the time I was afraid to do. The most significant thing was ************ while she watched me. I have often wished that I had pursued that since I love the idea of it now. <br />
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A few years later, I had a considerably older woman that worked as a cash register at the local grocery store. She always made a point to talk to me and often asked leading questions about girlfriends. Eventually she hit on me and I could tell that she was mustering up a lot of courage to broach the subject. I didn't pursue it for some reason but I have never been able to forget it and often fantasize about what it may have been like. <br />
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I am also older now but still seem to notice the beautiful bodies of older women that clearly take care of themselves. I was noticing one only today that was probably in her mid 50's and had nice size **** that were very firm and wearing very tight blue jeans. I watcher her sitting and leaning to one side showing a good view of her ***. It was very arousing and I enjoyed looking at her of course she had no idea that anyone was admiring her lovely body.

Anytime my friend.

Thank you and thank you for posting.

I love your story and have to agree. Older women can rock your world if you let them. I'm still trying to realise many of my 'mature' woman fantasies, but I'm starting to get a little old for most of them. Doesn't mean I've given up on them, and especially not my pursuit of this kind of companion. And I agree about Kitty Fox & her friends. There are so many of them it goes on and on. Isn't it great! Thanks for your story and my very best wishes to you.