Coming Of Age Gracefully

Watching an older couple share a nice dinner together one night, I realized just how blessed life is.  They seemed so at ease and so patient, not only with one another, but when their young waitress accidentally spilled water on their table, not a harsh word was uttered.  They were cordial and laughed it off and said that there were far worse things in life than a little spilled water.  Then as the waitress walked away, I saw the old woman slyly wink at her husband and they held hands gently as they gazed lovingly at each other.  I heard the husband say, "Life is truly a blessing, my dear.  Thank you for sharing yours with me."  and she responded, "Why, the pleasure is all mine, my love.  We are very blessed, aren't we?"

I took a moment then to say a prayer that always they would share their lives together until the very end.  Then I selfishly prayed that one day I might find someone to share the many blessings of life with in my old age, as well.  (And do it as gracefully and kindly as the two old folks I had the honor of watching that night in the restaurant). 



PreciousToHim PreciousToHim
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1 Response Apr 30, 2010

This is so beautiful :) I hope we all find a love as special and everlasting as this