It Makes Me Believe In Love

I do like to see old married couples holding hands. I wonder how they stayed married for so long. What is their secret? Especially when I know so many divorced people and single people raising children.

I used to like the show Bridezillas. I loved watching because I would dream about my own wedding and wonder how it would be and wonder if I would have as much fun as the people were on the show. But, for some unknown reason, our family no longer has the WE Channel which airs Bridezillas. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Bridezillas is about selfish, mean, women who will stop at nothing to get their way and have their perfect day. It's like the meaner they act, the more entertaining it is. They had a follow-up of where these couples were today, they caught up with these couples to see how they were enjoying married life and some of the couples were divorced. I'm not really surprised that this one couple were. The woman treated her fiance like dirt and was always yelling at him and putting him down and being mean to him.

So, when I see old married couples holding hands and who celebrate their love and who aren't afraid to let the world see that they're in love, it makes me happy. It makes me wonder how love can survive for so many years. How do they keep the flames of love burning through sicknes and age? How do they keep rediscovering their lover for 40, 50 years? Don't they get bored with being with the same person for a lifetime?  What keeps them faithful, what keeps them committed, what keeps them in love?

How does the husband find his wife beautiful and desirable even when her skin sags and her hair has become gray, especially when this culture only seems to valuable white, thin and beautiful young women? What keeps him loving her?

Young Couples planning to marry should really spend time with these couples and ask them these same questions and really pay close attention to the answers. How can you prepare for a lifetime without knowing how to help your love last for a lifetime?
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very well said