My husband and I were sitt n in IHOP,we had just finished eat n and were enjoy n what little time we have together.
The waitress led an older couple to the table across from us .Her husband pulled out her chair and helped her to
sit down.I remember Tony and I look n at each other think n one day that would be us.
When the waitress brought their food,i realized the woman must have alzheimer's,she would pick up her glass
and stop..He would gentle tell her to drink..She looked at her food and I could tell she was confused,
He patted her hand and started cutting her pancakes up for her..I didn't realize that I was sitt n there,
with tears running down my face..My husband got up and pulled my chair out and hugged me..
When we walked out,he quietly told me " I will cut Ur pancakes up for You..
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What a wonderful moment. I love how God uses moments like that to stain our memory with how beautiful life can be if we just will see it. I am alone in this world but I am holding out for that kind of love. The pain of being alone is often the only gift I have to lift up to God and I do ofetn asking HIM to please take it and make something with it. I know he will one day. I am thankful for my lonliness because it allows me to get off of this world and see the works of God. I see moments like that all the time in older people. I can see the bravery too in his heart from here. Though they are together he is very much alone facing the changes that are upon them. I just see him starring out a window wondering at times.
Love is really something. If you find it hold on to it! Some never do.

I really think he should have added "and if I need it I hope you will cut my pancakes for me". Otherwise he is just presuming you will need it but he will be ok.

He knows my heart,
and knows that not on will I take care of him,
bit that I will feel hornored to do it.
I have been blessed to have the love of a godly man
and truely love being married to him..God filled my hearts desire

So encouraging to witness

so sweet story


Now that is love.

Yes sir I am blessed to be well loved