It's a delight no... a delicacy to see an old married couple together, it just touches my heart. Just watching them hold hands and act as if it hasn't been that long since they've been married, no other feeling compares to me ^_^
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I agree. I'd love to be around a girl for just a few minutes without some kind of argument breaking out. All the girls in my area are.... upity (sorry if that sounds offensive). And I myself can't stand stuck up people. So i tend to be head strong against them and it causes problems.

It's scary. People of our age can barely keep together for five hours without catastrophic results. Are we doing it wrong?

Yes it is scary and I do believe we are doing something wrong. We've become such a disposable society that the minute something goes wrong in our relationships, we through away that person and search on for the next. That's why seeing old couples still together is a delicacy to me ^_^