Shes My World

Her names Alissa, and shes my world, I would have nothing without her and would never want anything else. we've been married for a little bit but I've been deployed for the majority of it. I know ill always only ever want her. She was the first wo and wantmen I ever slept with and will be the last, I was also the first man she ever slept with. she was 15 when we started dating and I'm afraid that she'll get bored and want to "live her life" our whatever. I'm the only mans shes ever known like that and I'm afraid she'll want more.shes ask I will ever want abc I could never get bored. Shes the face I want to wake up to for the rest of my life. I guys I'm just scared that she'll want more because I've always love her more than she loved me. I dont know if she wanted to get married or just did it for me. I spend all my time wishing we were together since I've ben deployed, I've spend every second I could trying to talk to her with skype but sheshas not really done the same.I want to give her every second, every dime, every moment of my life and she says she does to but always ends up leaving our having something to do or promised she would hang out with someone. She would never hang out with me past a certain time before we were married but as son I left she was out all night with her friends.she says I'm her everything but I know I'm not. Am I going to lose her?
Shayn Shayn
May 13, 2012