You Are Not Truely In Love Until...

I don't understand why young people (like myself) always say they're in true love and nothing will ever ruin it!Teens that I know (not to generalize them all) break up with their significant other very quickly, but continue to say they find true love.

I think true love is looking at your grandparents or any other elderly couple and seeing them holding hands and looking into eachother's eyes...

Now that's true love<3
fatsonja fatsonja
18-21, F
3 Responses May 22, 2012

yes true love lasts a life s not something that may b easily dismissed...true love needs a couple v souls either...its a pair work....hard work...

Yeah, looking to your grandparient just to see the gene that you inherited. Just to have the copy of that in his/her future family.

You seem to be very insightful for your age. Ann and I have been married for 32 years and I must say the last few years have been the best ever! Have a great life!

You too!!