True Love

This story was actually published in one of the Chicken Soups for the....soul Unfortunately I forget which one. So here it is:
(I'm writing this from my memory)
My friend and I went to a diner and in a booth nearby there sat a couple well in their years, it was hard not to watch, for they were so in love, my friend wondered if they just met or if it was true love, they held hands and kissed like first lovers, then suddenly a perplexed expression fell on the old woman's face "Where am I?" she asked "and who are you?" The old man did not look worried at all and said "I am you're husband Richard, and we are going to our son Brian's birthday. Now eat your chicken and we will be on our way" he spoke with such tenderness and loving that it brought tears to both our eyes "True Love" my friend said silently.
rozyhanna rozyhanna
13-15, F
Jun 30, 2012