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Lasting Mark

I watch an older couple, in their late 70's, early 80's perhaps, sitting across this crowded restaurant. They were already there when my friends and I first arrived. We were waiting on our lunch, when I noticed the couple reach over their table, and he gently place her hand into his. The older gentleman, looked at this woman as if she was all he could see. It made me buy more attention to them, thru out my lunch with my friends.
After the outing, they had to leave. I was still mesmerize by this couple, I decided to stay longer. At some point, I started to wonder how long they been married and still seem to be in love. What was their foundation to keeping their love a live. I had so many questions running thru my head. What made their marriage work and so many today can't seem to get past a couple of days. I thought is was so beautiful, that every time the waiter past, they removed their hands and placed it underneath the table. When I notice that, it made me laugh and smile. It literally warmed my heart.
I finally decided to leave and I past them on my way out of the restaurant. I greeting them by a smile They removed their hands again and it made me giggle because I knew where their hands were going. This happened some years ago. Even now as I see older couples, I think many similar questions, more so now as I'm much older. But that couple in the restaurant had this way about them. It still makes me smile, giggle, and literally warms my heart when I think about the hands underneath the table.
enchantedebonybutterfly enchantedebonybutterfly 31-35, F 2 Responses Jul 3, 2012

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How cute! Praying to grow old with my old man too! Keeping Faith and putting it all in God's hand's..

This is true. Though I am hoping for a good one myself to grow old with.

You'll find that lucky ONE, one day..

Thank you

Your welcome!

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Oh my aint that the truth? heart warming!

they seemed to be so sweet and in love. i think most of us want just a little of that feeling.