Since My Mom's Death...

Since my mom's death my perception of this has changed quite a bit. My parents had been married 51 years when my mama passed away. Before then, I'd always been inspired by the sight of elderly couples holding hands. I would think, 'there's proof that that love CAN last a lifetime.'


Then I found out my mom was dying. My ex wasn't there for me at all, didn't want to go see my mom.... However, I watched the way my dad stuck by mom's side and how loyal he was to her every minute of the day and I thought, 'if you find the right person, love WILL last and you will never be on your own.' I had been raised believing divorce was a sin....but as all of that happened around me, I knew the two of us would not be one of those old couples holding hands.

I got divorced, my mama passed away a few months later.....and I believed my dad would mourn for quite some time. But then all of a sudden he was selling everything that had belonged to my mom...then he was dating this crazy woman...and I didn't know what to think! It was then, that I would go out and see an elderly couple holding hands and think, 'how long have THEY been together? Are they even married?' That wasn't a very romantic thought...

Then, barely a year after my mama died, my dad got my mom's sister!!!! I wasn't very happy about it, I'll be honest. After that I would see elderly couples holding hands and think, 'Are they remarried? Did they wait longer after their spouses died?' It completely took all the romance out of the image of two elderly people holding hands.

However, now that I've made peace with everything I once again find hope in the site of an elderly couple holding hands. It is a reminder that yes, sometimes love really does last a lifetime. Sure, you may lose that person and find yourself alone....but it is never too late to find love and happiness again. Some of these elderly people are just like teens dating for the first time! And I think it's pretty magical that even in our elderly years we may be able to experience that spark of a brand new thrill of love.
cherryxblossom cherryxblossom
26-30, F
Jan 7, 2013