Wisdom From Elders..with a twist :)

I live on the same property with an old couple. They are well into their 80's and they just make me smile every time i see them together :) They hold hands and work together in the garden and come over to talk to me and visit with the horses every day. 

So today i just asked them...How do you do that, how can you be like that over 60 years later? What's the secret?

She smiled at me, looked at him with a twinkle in her eyes and said...."We argue a lot and never hold anything back.  If we don't like something we always tell each other. The air is always clear and there are no resentments. We don't say , yes honey, no honey and really think .. drop dead honey! "  

I still smile when i think about what she said and can't help but remember my grandparents who argued just about everything for over 55 years :)  

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Wow! So all that arguing is gonna pay off for us afterall? Good news! Thanks, honey. You sound like a kind hearted girl. You have a good life ahead.

Great advice and a nice story :)

Lovely tale. What also inspires me is seeing a senior couple not only holding hands but engaged in a deep kiss.

This is indeed wisdom. At first it can be a bit hard to definine the difference between sharing honestly and freely (with a resolution of some kind) and just plain arguing.... I think that's where so many of us go wrong. Just wanting to be heard and not being willing to really hear in turn. Thanks for sharing this lovely story.

LOL "Drop dead honey!"<br />
<br />
Now there's my kind of romance:P<br />
<br />
Nice post!

I definitely think a good, hearty argument every now and then helps to keep a relationship passionate. If you no longer have the energy invested to argue, you simply don't care as much as you did when you were willing to "duke it out." (Not physically, of course, that's a whole different experience group.) Sound relationship advice.

Honesty is integral to a good relationship. Argue no. Just discuss difference of opinions, yes.

Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing.