How Wonderful to See

It truly is an anomaly in a world such as ours these days to see a truly happy couple...divorce seems more common than having a dog.

But to see an older couple holding hands...showering each other with kindness and affection just melts me. I believe it gives us hope that marriage can be good. Perhaps it is possible to survive the struggles of young love, child rearing, work and everyday stress....then come home to the one that is connected to your heart and soul and have nothing but love for them. Go to bed glad to have them next to you and wake with that same unconditional love.

For those of us who didn't get it right the first time I have confidence  in seeing love between men and women in their older years. I hope that one day I will marry the one I was made for and when I am old and gray inspire the younger generations in love.

Wish me luck.....

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You know, Meg, I sometimes feel that it is the people between 20 and 50 who are the "old" people. They are totally involved in relationship, career, child-raising, family, etc., and work harder than at any other time in our lives. I am in my 60's, my husband in in his 70's, and we have been together for 36 years. I don't know what I did to get such a great guy, but we've been through it all and we're still together (mind you, we both kissed our share of frogs before finding each other). Throughout our lives, we continued to date each other. Drinks at the local, dinner out. When the kids were gone, we'd date once a week for dinner and drinks. Now we are "old" (still the same living-flame personalities) and we still date each other and we still hold hands. Maybe that's the secret, but through all the joys and **** that life hands out, he's still the handsomest man in the room to me, and I am still prettiest girl to him. Romance does not have to die.

Of course relationships will never EVER always be peaches and cream but it should always be what you strive for with no expectation but all the hope in the world:-)

Damn you kids! Keep it down.... :P*<br />
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Kidding of course. I am mushbucket, hear Hmm...That sounds odd. =/

Awwwww thank you so very much intreoidtraveler:-)<br />
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We will have lots of stories to share (g-rated.....tee hee) when we get home.....<br />
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Bassy I too owe a lot to this place....I found him here:-)<br />
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Mello I welcome growing old especially with the hopes of being with the one I love.....

It has changed my life dramatically for the better. I owe my future to this place :)

Seeing the way older adults in love with eachother touches my heart....and in the same way it warms my heart when I am here and feel the caring and kind words from others:-) <br />
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This is a pretty special place in my little opinion....

Me too :)

Well I have found some pretty great people here and I am very glad about that:-)

The mushbuckets are a rarity Meg. Truly. People that consider another person before themselves are few and far between.

Those exist? Like really really not just in stories?<br />
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Ha! Can't be true.....nope can't be!

Non mushbuckets?

LOL....who doesnt love the works:-)

The works? Like extra pickles and mayo? :P

Boat? I was thinking 1.75's...Maybe my priorities are skewed? :P

I wish you lots of luck! <br />
It truly is a testament in this day and age to see an older couple holding hands, if you look closely you can see the love and adoration held for one another over the years. How he looks at her and her at him, the body language, the trust and love that they have shared over the truly is wonderful :)

Either way Meg and Eric are going to have a grrrrrrreat weekend together boat or not:-)<br />
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Oh oh oh a boat!!! <br />
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Now that sounds fun!!!

I have seen a little basspla<x>yer mushiness myself.... Hides not he does...<br />
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***hmm.... rubs chin.... devising plan***

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I have hope, faith, dreams, happiness. I have it all. Jackpot :)

Let us rent the boat HS...Stock it with 1.75's!<br />
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Bass is more than partially responsible for the EP mushbucketinessnessness... So, you better have hope!

yeah.....more mush :)<br />
My mom and dad still hold hands. I still have hope :)

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Forgive us:-)

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(off to hell........

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Surgical intervention could make it appear that way?

Well, I can't grow young with you, that's for sure. :P

Grow old with me......and we can make this happen:-)

I'll see what I can do?