I Love to See Them!

I hope that someday....I can be a part of that happy old couple!  That's all I really really want in life!  Kinda simple isn't it! 

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36-40, F
17 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Come on T *reaches hand out* lets see how it would feel.<br />
<br />

I thought he was! But!!!!!!!????????????

He may be the one your looking at now!!!!

If you think 40 is being old and over the hill T then we must talk and find out what scooter store you went to to get fitted for your chair.<br />
<br />
I am behind at 41 I would have to get there soon.

Heck no girl... I'm thinking old is around 80 or so :-)<br />
OH! I hope there's no one 80 on this thread!

ROFLMAO Ancientcelt...now that's funny....<br />
<br />
PIX...maybe that will be me too! Since I am almost 40....does that count as being old?

I used to think I would be one of them ... sometimes life takes a strange turn ... maybe I am meant to find my "old man" when I am an "old woman", then we can be that couple? hehehe!


I just hope the one I love hand's tomorrow. After that we will worry about the next day. In the end, many tomorrows will last a lifetime!

Ok...I'll say yes...but what am I saying yes to?

just say yes :)

I hope he is!

He is out there you know it.

Thanks lespualmark...I hope he's really out there!

some day you will get all you need all you that want you will very happy and the man thats with you will be the luck"est and he will know it.

Yeah it's one of my goals too! I just hope I make it!

It is one of my goals, to be old and love my wife and have her love me back in return.