Another Goofy Moment In My Life

My life has been well funny at moments and this is another one from my college days working as a mover. This company I worked for was owned by a husband and wife, they had been running it for about 6 years, they had some big accounts and a few trucks so buisness was good, but the owner was a very verbally abusive person to his wife. She was a sweet heart and 30 at the time. I was about 23 and yeah I was attracted to her, she was a very beautiful woman. Every morning I would show up at there house to get the paper work and help route out the days jobs. This one morning I show up as usual probably about 7:00am and go inside, she was making coffee and headed to the office. It was summer time and was already kinda warm. I had sweats on and normal work shirt. I usually wore shorts and a golf shirt for the day. I get some coffee and head back to the office with her and start reviewing the days work. I was like damn its freaking hot in the office so I thought I would take my sweats off. So I drop my sweats and next thing I hear is a gasp from her like what are you doing? I was like what? She looks down at my legs and crotch area and I do the same. For the life of me, I forgot to put shorts on, and underwear. I was full on commando and bearing all to show! yes thats right I just flashed my boss :) needless to say I wasn't fired, nor did her husband ever find out....but did give us a few laughs from time to time..
cellamaxx cellamaxx
36-40, M
Sep 25, 2012