Kinda Makes You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy ,don't It!

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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

I think this happened on my last surgery...LOL!!

In truth, prob my husbands in Nov. Good gravy! All of mine..good (or as can be expected) ...

About what I would expect, and a bill for $10,000.

You are lucky only for 10,000. I have sooo many EOB's from bcbs the past few years...holy moly...

Fortunately (or not if I'm sick and don't know it), I've kept out of contact with the health care industry, so I may well be underestimating.

I (unfortunately) have had much contact with it the past several years. Depends on deductibles, etc. But I figure what I have spent this past year alone, I could have went to Europe prob. twice. It would have been a hell of a trip and certainly more fun.