Tazers Rock

I remember when the Deputies at my work first got tazers. They were tazing each other and laughing their ***** off. They even wired a chair back by the holding cells so when co-workers would come in to chat they could taze them when they sat in the chair. LOL
There was another time I was at a bar and a man stabbed another man in the hand. The cops were called but the man refused to step out of the bar, They tazed him and I will never forget that retarded look on his face as a gallon of drool came from his mouth. HAHA
He done what he was told after that...
CarrieBeth CarrieBeth
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

ROFL! I wanna play tazer tag! ohmygosh, That is so hilarious!

LMFAO!! That is hilarious... I want a tazer to play tazer tag with!