I Know Im Going To Sound Like A Jerk

i know i sound like a jerk. But its really funny!! To see there faces! i just cant help but laugh. I mean i don't have a real morbid sense of humor or anything. I just find it really funny. I remember when i was like 14 i begged my parents to get me one for my b-day. That would have been. Fun. Lol :]
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4 Responses Jul 15, 2010

That would be great, you don't sound morbid at all. You are laughing at their reactions not their pain.

@blackgirl71, Yes your right it isn't ALWAYS funny. I agree, but if i could taze my step mother just one time, My life would be complete. <br />
<br />
@lean back. OMG i got a tazer! Lol

Not so much fun for Robert Dziekanski who was tasered at YVR airport in Vancouver....Canada. in Oct 2009...he died as a result...of that tasering...50,000 volts of electricity coursing through his veins....and the 4 cops who were responsible...walked away scot-free.....Tasing is NOT funny....its dangerous.....

I bet you love watching "Cops". They tazer someone every time.