I Love to See People Pee Or Poo There Pants

i think its a little bit of a turn on for me when i see people pee or poo in there pants weather its a diaper or there pants its kinda like a warm feelin 

F5Twister F5Twister
26-30, M
7 Responses Mar 10, 2008

Is it as big a turn on for you to pee or poo in your pants in front of someone else...especially if that person is of the opposite sex and wearing their pants clean??...

No body is a freak for enjoying things. I love sitting around and do what comes natural......pee my pants. I've never pooed my pants so I don't know the feeling; the feeling of peeing my pants is fantastic. Great feeling.

I sitting here peeing my pants right now, and I'm totally turned on!

I agree its a tough choice letloose.

Huge turn on. Trust me on this. I just can't decide if it is a bigger turn on to watch it happen to others, or have others see me pee my pants...

your not a freak it a turn on for me too

your not a freak it a turn on for me too