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I Love to See People Pee Or Poo There Pants

i think its a little bit of a turn on for me when i see people pee or poo in there pants weather its a diaper or there pants its kinda like a warm feelin 

F5Twister F5Twister 26-30, M 8 Responses Mar 10, 2008

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Is it as big a turn on for you to pee or poo in your pants in front of someone else...especially if that person is of the opposite sex and wearing their pants clean??...

i love wetting and messing, after all i am wet and messed now:)

No body is a freak for enjoying things. I love sitting around and do what comes natural......pee my pants. I've never pooed my pants so I don't know the feeling; the feeling of peeing my pants is fantastic. Great feeling.

I sitting here peeing my pants right now, and I'm totally turned on!

I agree its a tough choice letloose.

Huge turn on. Trust me on this. I just can't decide if it is a bigger turn on to watch it happen to others, or have others see me pee my pants...

your not a freak it a turn on for me too

your not a freak it a turn on for me too