I Love to Watch Adults Pee and Poop Their Pants

I'd love to see any adults pee and/or poop their pants. I try to collect as many pics aroung the internet as possible of men and women peeing and pooping thier pants.

I must say, I do find the pics of males peeing in their pants very scarce. I'm disappointed to say the least. Having pics of females peeing is ok, I guess but Guys peeing in their pants... Now that is what really turns me on!

Why not, I am after all a female. Why would I want to see other females peeing all the time? guys, guys, give me more guys!

and poop pics... Why do they not have more pics of fully clothed people having accidents, pee or poop in their pants.

If any one has a great site to refer me to fully clothed people please. Just let me know.

Thanks for letting me have my little **** fit.


IPeeFreelyindenver IPeeFreelyindenver
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5 Responses Aug 15, 2008

check out peeteevee.com it's free an alot of good vids

http://members.easyshag.com/femaledesperation/main.html free website with both male and female pee desperation and wetting.

hi, I'm a guy that enjoys 'femaledesperation'...try googling that for a nice site, which includes good links for all sorts of stuff including wetting/messing men - wetset.net has free forums and even a pictures section divided up between men and women pictures. there's also a nice site a peesearch - it's free but you have to join and post at least 15(?) forum entries before you ca download any pics or vids. that should be enough for you to burn up some bandwidth for the next few days.

try xtube.com and type in pee pants. alot of the videos are males wetting

Have you looked at the pix at my profile?