Nice To See

The last time I saw someone wetting themselves it was a girl at school, so this is not something that happens often!

I do not like to see someone in discomfort, but it would be nice to see someone just peeing and wetting themselves because they wanted to pee. To see pee flowing down a girls legs under her skirt while she is just standing and doing something without a care in the world is so beautiful. The real beauty is in the freedom of it.


Paulypeeps Paulypeeps
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Pauly...would it be so fun if the roles were reversed, and it would be YOU who would pee...I don't think this is so usually is embarrassing, humiliating, or both...and, most of the time...they DO care...and are ashamed...I'm a guy...I wouldn't want anyone to know if and or when I've wet my pants...I understand having an accident, and would feel bad for anyone who is uncomfortable about having just wet his/her pants...if he/she does not have that discomfort...well, then, that is his/her conscience that would dictate that...only I was potty trained almost 50 years ago, and think that I should know when and where to a 53 year old male, I now wet my pants about once or twice a year now...being a consequence of age and advanced result of diabetes...I usually wear dark dress slacks (usually dark navy or black), so people don't usually notice (I usually don't go that bad as to drip on the floor)...

I am a girl and dont like women in a sexual way but I would love to see a girl pee there pants. I dont care if they are struggling or not. Its exciting to me.

I totally agree. I'd love to see a woman just let go and pee her pants - maybe while walking in the park, or maybe while sunbathing on the beach... ahhh fantasies!