Firsts For 2009:

I just saw my first robin hopping across (what will someday be) a lawn.  I heard robins at dusk last night for the first time this year.

March 16th -- Robins have arrived. 

March 17th --  Crocuses were sighted on a walk last night.  Also, I watched the swan family feud with the geese that came trespassing while a pair of hooded merganzers watched from afar, seemingly unnoticed.  The red wing blackbirds have settled  in, calling from scattered fixed positions.  For the first time in months, I heard the hum of an outboard motor passing down the river.

Starlings are out, picking around in the grass.

March 21st -- Heard the unmistakable chorus of spring peepers, and bumped into a guy walking down the beach carrying a steelhead in a landing net.

March 22nd -- Witnessed a pair of sandhill cranes flying overhead; saw a box turtle scamper off a log and into the water; a neat row of Harleys were parked outide the local saloon; walked past a cafe with tables set up outside filled with people.

March 23rd -- came down with a cold. 

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7 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Spring fever, the robins were here yesterday. I've spent the day here doing laundry and hanging it outside, and cleaning the deck. I am ready for spring. Funny but I do enjoy doing the laundry and hanging it out.

I also saw the robins. Oh, and killdeers have returned too. :)

I've been meaning to ask you about the koi.<br />
<br />
No crocus here just yet.

I might just do that, Juan! The crocuses greeted my kids, to their great delight, when they were home last week for break. The lenton roses have burst forth! I even caught a glimpse of the koi.<br />
<br />
Heaven, I'm in heaven......

Now they are showing up in groups-- hppping about and picking at the grass. It is such a common sight for about 8 months a year, that one doesn't think much of it until it has been gone for a long time, and then suddenly returns. Those blasted starlings are back as well.<br />
<br />
Time to bust out of the cabin Datura!<br />
Grab your umbrella, Touch, and enjoy a walk in th e rain.

What a pleasure to see the colt's foot photo of this group's logo appear once again! <br />
<br />
I have had serious cabin fever for some long weeks now, Juan. Your robin has come just in time to preserve my sanity!

The rain is good!