What Is It About Them ?

This is the only one sunflower field i know of in my area. Every time i drive by it, i see cars parked on the side of the road with the young and old and everyone in between pointing and marvelling at the beauty of it. There must be something about the masses of those majestic, light following flowers that stirs our souls.

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Lil sis<br />
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psssst. that's a wind turbine and not a sunflower.<br />
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The "stray" ones are a real bonus! There is one just growing on a little patch of grass beside a sidewalk in our village :)

On our farm and many neighbouring farms we grow corn which are unremarkable, but some of our neighbours grow sunflowers too and I adore them too. There are always "wild" ones growing at the side of the roads, and they get picked for vases at home. They are gorgeous! X@

Very much, Dee. Soon their seed will be ripe and this part of their their life cycle will come to an end...but the joy and smiles they brought will somehow remain...and so will the seeds to grow the next genereation.

A reminder how things change... sad, and sweet at the same time.

They are much taller now. Thanks for stopping by for a look Dee and 4vrUnique :)

Yeah, looks like a great farm. Gorgeous and peaceful, I'd like to stop my car and enjoy the view too :~)

They stir my heart, as well. Thanks for sharing this, tg!

Oh wow. I am beaming here. The fascination with those magnificent flowers must be universal ...they feed and sustain so much life..and make us smile and marvel :) Thank you all fellow suflower lovers for checking this story out and commenting :)

they are so beautiful like happy smiling faces

Great story, Trailguide! They always make me smile!

I love sunflowers.I thought i was the only one that have ths wonder about them.I have always been fasinated by a field of sunflowers..Ecspeicialy the small ones.Every since i was a kid i could close my eyes and visualize small sunflowers..i love them their my favorite flower.

The contrast of the bright yellow of the flower against the blue of the sky is stunning,and I think they remind us of peoples faces.Some have their faces held up to the sun like sun worshippers and some look rather coy.Some tilt left and some right.En masse they all seem the same but if you look closely they are all different.I thinik this is why they fascinate people.

:) i wish i ws there to see them

You love them too, eh, Luv . Thanks for your comment :).I am wondering if i ever get a coment like..."bah, they are nothing special...just another crop" ..hehe.Regarding the wind turbines, gropulp.. the largest threat to birds and insects right now is air pollution from burning fossil feuls and the changing climate ...i guess they just can't win unless we humans greatly reduce our energy consumption.

I love sunflowers. Windmills should not be any where near them. The birds and insects that eat at them die due to evil Windwills. I suppose that is why they flourish with the death of both.

They are amazing! :-)

See.. there is just something about them sunflowers ;) Thanks Omniel :)

Thanks Tummie *big smile*

Beautiful pic of a sunflower field!

Aren't they! Thank you for looking and commenting ,Destry. Great to have you back, girl :)

You're welcome :)

Sunflowers are my favorite...for me it's impossible to look at them and not smile! <br />
Thanks for the smile. :)

interesting indeed. Windmills and sunflowers must go together..