Just Deal With It.

Growing up in a mixed black and white area I used to see an occasional hot white girl dating a black guy. I would get so jealous and feel betrayed. How can she be with a black guy and not me. It used to give me butterflies in my stomach and one day I realized it was thrilling. I would think how hot the sex must be and how she was a "black only" girl now. Wondering how big of a black **** she took! Now I love to see it! I only watch interracial **** and can only imagine how intense the ****** is and how much a black man must *** when ******* the hell out of a hot white girl. I'm so happy to see interracial sex and applaud white women for ******* black men! After all I can't blame them for only wanting to have sex with black men. They are stronger, better built, and have bigger tools. What woman wouldn't want to have multiple vaginal *******! I just want to have the pleasure of knowing hot white women who only **** hung black men and would love to one day be that white boy friend who gets to watch a friend of his who happens to be a white woman getting pounded by her black lover and as he is slamming his huge black **** into her pristine white ***** he can glance at me as if to say "just deal with it".
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