Wife In Panties

I love seeing woman in panties, my wife knows of my panty fetish and she enjoys panties just as much as I do. She enjoys seeing other woman in panties and she even likes to sniff other girls panties, watching my wife sniff her friends panties is enough to make me *** without even touching myself. I enjoy seeing my wife in panties, she wears bikini or thong style and in nylon or satin. Her butt looks so good with that shiny silky material stretched tight across her butt. She will often do housework just wearing panties and watching her bend over and the tight panties clinging even more to her butt keeps me so excited and sometimes keeps her from getting the housework done since I cannot hold off interrupting her for some play time. I much rather see a woman in panties than naked, seeing how the cling to her curves is much more exciting. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Apr 29, 2011


tehre is nothing sexier that a lady in her panties, or any of her underwear, looks so hot, thanks for sharing

that is cool ses so in to it