Crushed Beneath My Stiletto

I was attending a birthday party of a friend. She was dressed in a very sexy dress  with hose and heels with a 5" gold metal needle heel. There were ballons as part of decorations and she began to burst them beneath her sexy heels!!! Later I saw her accidently step on one of her birthday cards with both heels and they pierced all the way through the card and envelope. She saw me looking at her and walked over to me and whispered that is what I think of him and his card!!!

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

ever since a kid i have had a fetish for my erect c*ck to be stepped on by different female's shoes. look up texas college girls c*ck trample actions; i wish it was mine being tramples like that. i yet to find a female in uk

Ooooh!!! That is so-OOO sexy!!! Those snails were so-ooo lucky to have someone as pretty and sexy in her ultra-sexy stilettos to impale them!!! Lol I would have loved to witness their demise beneath you!!! It would have turned me on to hear your sexy heels click-clack,click-clack, c-r-u-n-c-h,c-r-u-n-c-h and see them speared on your tiny stiletto!!! When wearing your beautiful,sexy stilettos you are so gorgeous you shouldn't care in the least what gets crushed beneath those sexy heels!!! Please tell me more of these sexy crush experiences I have had a high heel crush fetish since I was 5yrs old,and I love to hear stories of lovely ladies heels crushing things.

Ha haaa lol!! I use to be more conscious about where i stepped while wearing heels. Sometime things are unavoidable. In the spring our sidewalks are covered by snails after the rain. I don't aim for them but I don't completely avoid them either there' s just too many. The first time I felt bad when i noticed I had speared a couple with my stiletto. You also get use to the crunch. I know that sounds gross but again unless you are going to have someone sweep the sidewalk infront of you its unavoidable.

im sure you love the crush!? lol.. just make sure you finish them off properly!! cruel to make them suffer!! : (

I wish I was one of those snails under your shoes Tracy