Smiles Like Echoes, Come Back to You!

I write a lot of dark stuff and so I try to offset it with things of a lighter warmer nature. Smiles being free are easy ta give away, ya never run out, help giver and receiver.

 But in Particular there is a group of people who we all like to see smile. Some of them knock our socks off, some warm our hearts, some make us way horney! But They all elicit a good feeling from us! So I thought a fun group that made us think about folks who made us smile would be a good rest stop !

H-m-m- I have discovered you can post pics in here too! Have a great day! Dx

For me my doctor is a drop dead cuter lil gal who can really warm ya up witha smile and she shares it with everyone she comes in contact with. I have watched her walk down a hospitol hall leaving smiling faces in her wake. yea  about a third of em were looking at her cute lil *** but the others were pure of heart! Lol

Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

If you notice I clearly did not claim to be onna the pure heart ones particularly in that case hehehehe<BR>She walks with a wiggle and a jiggle and a bump makes your fave lite up and your BP jump. hehehehe<BR>Gawd Sure loved men he made ya'll for us and flowers for ya'll. Same same. ;-) Gawd I luv ta see yaz smile....

No wonder you spend such long days at the VA