You Are Trouble

I don't often see it and when I do, I melt.

You look open, unlike your usual shy self, and for a while there I thought of simply coming into your embrace and drown myself in your warmth. For a while there, I can feel the strength that is you, can imagine how you will readily gather me in your arms...

Can feel how powerful the tug from that smile, pulling me close to plant a kiss on it.

The image and feel are so vivid, I can feel the warm firmness that is your lips, slightly open with surprise and yet, your silent hands an equal  surprise on my hair, holding tight when you sense my doubts...

Oh, what trouble a smile brings!

june1999 june1999
31-35, F
12 Responses Sep 28, 2009

Nicely writing ... :)

The exact problem actually is knowing whether or not he has read this. I think he has but as I said, he's too shy to conclude this is about him. Not to mention comment! :)<br />
<br />
Thank you Saps, it's a pleasure to write!

Junie, I can't believe you need any help luring him here. : )<br />
<br />
Beautiful story....I'm going to be reading this one many times. : )

Hehe, thanks cAnDy! I'm hoping the many (many...?) comments will lure him here but I just don't know :)

Awe so romantic hug :D lovely..very hot!

Hehe.. you do :)

Damn. This one I can't blame on you :)

Hehe... I didn't consciously try to but they seem to always end up just a little bit below the bar for the under 18 warning ;)

LOL. I think he has read this only he's way too shy to quickly conclude this is him.

OMG! if he reads this, he won't stop smiling. He must have a wonderful smile, thanks for sharing this

A bit hot in here, is it Paco? :) Thanks for the ever encouraging comment!

Another tidbit of a gem and the steam starts to rise.<br />