I Love Getting My Hair Done

I get a roller set done twice a week . I love the whole exp from the shampoo to the stylist putting in the rollers using heavy setting gel to the hairbnet , sitting under the hot dryer , the combout and teasingand all the hairspray to make my hair stiff like a helmet ,
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

And afterwards I just love walking around to show off the new style.

Would love to go twice a week for a roller set. When my week is just about up I really feel the urge to get in the salon but manage to hold off until my appointment. Going twice a week or more would even be better. Next time around maybe I will find a hair stylist to marry mmmmmmm

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I am so jealous that sounds fantastic. I do my own sets and dryer time but do go to salon for color and brow wax.<br />
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Love Jessica