Got my rollerset done today! I am super excited. It turned out super cute and my stylist was wonderful. She gave me a beautiful full curly style. She set me up for my new weekly appointment. Will be great to be one of the regulars.
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Had a couple of people tell me how straight my hair is now I have an overwhelming to be in both perm rods and finish off with a head full of rollers under a nice warm dryer

no age is too young or too old for that matter it is just a case of whatever works for you.
I am 43 and have been doing regular salon sets for some 17 years now since age 26, and i still long to be wound tightly on rollers before being netted and placed under a nice warm dryer. the experience is still total bliss to this day and i long for my next set

Am I too young to be starting on roller sets at the salon? I'm 46!

Being 46 sure doesn't sound too yound for regular roller sets. When would be a better time than right now? Go for it !!

I agree, I am in my late 20s and love every minute of it. I know its not as popular with younger people, but the curls I get from it are to die for. I could never do them as well at home

I know what you are saying about roller sets at home. Besides, it is much more exciting to sit in the salon, get your hair done and watch all the other styling going on around you.

Absolutely! I just love the whole experience. The shop I go to is on the smaller side with a lot of regulars. I love being able to watch the styling in action while my hair cooks under the dryer. I always have a blast and love being one the "girls." Do you go often?

At least once a week and sometimes I just have to go between weekly appointments. I love the new style she comes up every time and enjoy wondering what she will come up with this time. She tries different color mixes and surprises me with new colors.

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