Aunt Marie Punishment Set 2

After the first encounter with my aunt marie I did not go back there for a year or so. I briefly told my mother about the event and asked her not to say anything. She asked if I was ok with it, and I told her that I was and did not mind aunt marie setting my hair.
About a year and a half later my sister went to a summer camp for girls and the one I was going to attend was cancelled. My mother and dad had made plans to vacation by themselves for two weeks while we were gone. my mother asked if I would mind staying with my Aunt Marie and Uncle Larry for the two weeks. I agreed to go so they could have a get away.
When I arrived My Aunt Marie looked at me and touched my now longer hair which was past my shoulders and said " it got longer". my mother asked me if I still wanted to stay and i told her yes. For the first couple of days I helped my uncle around the farm and my aunt around the house doing dishes, sweeping, and even some cooking with my two female cousins.
At the end of the week my uncle had to leave on a bussiness trip for a few days and I was left there with my aunt and cousins and so it began.
On friday after my uncle left my aunt got out a pink pantsuit and shoes and had me put them on, brushed my hair into a ponytail and plucked my eyebrows. We then went out grocery shopping and to the shopping center where she bought some more shampoo, setting lotion, make up, to my suprise we got to help pick out, nail polish and clothes.
When we got home we put up the groceries and the cosmetics and did some household chores for a while. Then my cousins and went to thier room to play with thier barbies.
That evening my aunt called us into the kitchen and told us it was girl time. Time to get our hair washed and set and nails done for the next day.
My aunt had already taken off her blouse but still had her bra on and wrapped a towel around her shoulders. She went over to the kitchen sink and wet her hair, she called me over and had me bring the bottle of shampoo with me. She told me to pour some shampoo on her hair as she began to work it into a lather. After a minute or so she told me to stand on the stool beside the counter and help her shampoo her hair. I put my hands in her hair and messaged the lather in. It seemed like a short time when she told me to rinse her, so I turned on the water and used the sprayer and rinsed the shampoo from her hair. She applied some creme rinse and then the setting lotion to her hair and then sat down at the kitchen table. She had a very large box of rollers on the table and began to set her hair as we watched. She told cindy that it was her turn to get a shampoo and for me to do it for her. Cindy took off her top and I wrapped a towel around her shoulders as she walked to the sink. She kneeled on the chair and placed her head over the sink as I turned on the water and adjusted the temprature. I then wet her hair and turned off the water when my Aunt told cindy to sit down in the chair so she did not have to kneel too long. My aunt then told me to shampoo her while set was sitting. So I poured some shampoo on her hair and some in my hands and began to shampoo her. The lather worked up very thick and rich as I shampooed. Cindy had a handtowel to keep the shampoo from running into her eyes. After about 10 minutes my aunt told me to rinse her and apply the creme rinse then the setting lotion. So she knelled on the chair again and I rinsed her hair, applied the creme rinse and worked to in then rinsed, then applied the setting lotion and combed it thru. By then my aunt was finished setting her hair and she told cindy to come and sit at the table so she could set her hair. She then called wendy and told her it was her turn and that I was going to shampoo her hair. So she took off her top and wrapped the towel around her and knelt on the chair. I wet her hair just like I did cindy's and had her sit in the chair. I applied the shampoo and worked it up into a lather. My aunt told me to shampoo her twice since she was working outside that day. so I then had her kneel on the chair and rinsed the first shampoo and had her sit down again and applied some more shampoo and lathered it into a very thick, rich, luxurious lather I got to shampoo her for a little longer while my aunt was setting cindy's hair. I then had her kneel on the cahir and rinse the shampoo, applied the creme rinse, rinsed that and then applied the setting lotion. Ahe then sat at the table and waited for my aunt to finish with cindy and then get her hair set.
Whne my aunt finished with cindy she had wendy sit down and began to comb and section her hair when she looked up at me and cindy and said well what are you waiting for? it is your turn. Cindy gets to shampoo your hair first the wendy get to shampoo you next.
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Luv this account of your experiences.

After aunt marie said that I took off my top and Cindy wrapped a towel around my shoulders and I walked over to the sink and knelt on the chair to put my head over the sink. Cindy turned on the water and adjusted the temprature and grabbed the sprayer to wet my hair, the water was warm and she soaked my whole head. Aunt Marie told me to sit on the chair so Cindy could shampoo me. I sat down and cindy took the bottle of shampoo and poured some on my hair and then some in her hands and worked up a ery thick, rich lather into my hair. She kept shampooing my hair for a while until my aunt to her to rinse me. I then leaned over the sink again as she turned on the water and rinsed my hair. By that time Aunt Marie had finished setting wendy's hair and itwas her turn o shampoo my hair. She was younger and my aunt had me sit down in the chair again and helped wendy apply the shampoo to my hair and lather it up. She was learning and was having fun doing it. My aunt let her shampoo me for about ten minutes then helped her rinse my hair, apply the creme rinse, rinse and apply the setting lotion.
I then sat down in the kitchen chair so Aunt Marie could roll my hair. She parted and sectioned my hair then began to roll in the first curler to the front of my head. She took he time and used alot of rollers. She rolled each one very firm and neat. every curler was shining and pinned in place. When she finished she told cindy and wendy " this is the way to set hair". We all went outide and sat on the porch and had some ice tea while our hair dried. Aunt marie told us that she was going to comb us out that night so we could go out to dinner looking very pretty and that she was going to wash and set us again in the morning and try a different hairdo on each one of us.
I could not wait!!!