Strange But True

I have cooked this for several people, on two occasions a female guest watched in horror as I threw it together. But like everyone else cleaned the plate. LOL.

Ingredients, per person - 1/2 cup of pasta, some chopped cabbage, a chopped onion, garam masala to taste, garlic to taste and a tin of sardines. Instead of cabbage left over veg will do. Time - about 20 mins with practice. LOL

Put the pasta and cabbage in boiling water together.
Then chop the onion and put it (and any other veg) in a hot wok.
When the pasta is done, strain and add to the wok.
Then add garam masala and crushed garlic and mix in.
Add sardines, sauce and all. Break up and mix in.
Keep stirring for 4/5 mins until it's all hot and serve.

Garam masala - I add 1 heaped desertspoon but I like the stuff
Garlic - I use 3/4 cloves but I love the stuff.
Add black pepper too.
When cooking for more than 1 use two tins of sardines or a small box of tomato puree.
far2wicked far2wicked
51-55, M
Jul 28, 2010