Spicy Seafood Caldo (soup)

All ingredients are to taste and of course depend on the quantity you make




   Seafood mix

    Fresh, cleaned crab

    Fish, I use catfish nuggets


    Tiny red potatoes

    baby carrots

    corn cob

Spice blend (roe)

     Onion. diced

     Jalapenos. diced

     Celery, cleaned and diced

     Bell peppers, any color, diced

    Tomatoe, diced and mixed with

           Garlic, powder or  fresh diced

           Salt, not too much

           Tomato/chicken powder bouillon

           black pepper



   Start a pot of water to cook  no more than half filled with water and the vegetables. While that is going saute the spice blend adding each ingredient in the order listed. Add the tomato mix at the end with some water or stock, cook until the tomato is well cooked. This mix should be strong enough to not lose flavor when added to the pot. Add this mixture last. When the potatoes and carrots are almost done begin adding the seafood. I always add it in the order listed adding the fish last to keep it from coming apart. After that I add the spice mix and cook until all the seafood is done. If you like cilantro you may add it as the last step. The less it is cooked the stronger the taste will be. Some people like it straight like this, some people like to add lemon juice when served. If you have left overs, remove the fish when reheating and add last or it will disintegrate.


feel free to make it your own by varying the type of fish, the amount of spice or even adding other vegetables, just remember that all vegetables have a different cook time and add them in a manner to keep them from being raw or overcooked. 


The spicy-ness can be controlled by the preparation of the jalapeno or by using a different type of pepper. The hot is in the seeds and veins.



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Feb 8, 2010