Elderflowers In Batter

This is a total luxury that used to be popular in Britain, but two world wars with rationing and food shortages made it impossible.  Now only time constraints apply as the most expensive ingredient is fresh eggs. 

You need to start first thing in the morning by getting a large bowl and making a thick, gloopy batter with self-raising flour, eggs you remembered to take out of the fridge the night before, a pinch of salt and milk.  Leave the cloth-covered bowl in a cool place such as a fridge or larder.  At midday or shortly after, gather a basket of elderflowers, being sure to leave long stems on every head.  It is particularly favourable if it has rained in the morning.

Ensure that every energetic or clumsy child stands well away from your elbows, although if there are a lot of flower heads, an adult production line is very useful.  Heat the groundnut oil in a wide pan until it just starts smoking.  At this stage you might want an assistant to electronically whisk the batter.  Holding a flower head by the stem, dip it into the batter and then into the oil for about 30 seconds.  Blot it on some kitchen paper then dip it into sugar.

This utterly pagan cake wants eating hot, and is so good it will probably cure a host of minor illnesses.  Truly depraved people substitute maple syrup for sugar, but there is a danger here of the pleasure being too great

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Sounds delightful! I'd love to try it but not sure where to get elderflowers here in Canada. Can other types of flowers be used?