The Little Girl With One Hand

I was riding the subway a few years ago, feeling a bit stressed and sad. Suddenly I heard the sound of a little girl's voice,just chattering away. I looked up and she was standing by the pole,while her family was seated nearby. Then I noticed something,one of her hands was was cut off at the wrist. But was she sad or bitter? Not at all, she was the most happy and cheerful child I had ever seen. She would swing around the pole holding on with her one hand, laughing and singing songs. She would smile and say hello to everyone on the train.

So when I get down and depressed, I try to think of what a little ray of sunshine she was,and it often makes me appreciate what I do have.
JCriss JCriss
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 8, 2011

Nice story. I find that whenever life seems to be gray, it is in those times that I catch glimpses of the beautiful and colorful array it has to offer. Joyfully reflecteing back to me.