#171 Baggy Pants

I was at work one day when I happened to be outside shaking out a dust mop and emptying a dust buster.  The twin boys who lived next door were just on their way out to go bike riding with a bunch of friends. They are identical twins except for the way they dress. One is ultra conservative in dress, the other is always up with the latest fad in clothing. The boy who dresses conservatively was wearing a pair of straight leg jeans with a gray sweat shirt and a pair of sneakers. The other boy was wearing a too large T-shirt and a pair of those baggy pants with the crotch that hangs to the knees and the legs that puddle around the ankles. I have no idea what kind of shoes he was wearing as I couldn't see them. Maybe it is stylish; that is not for me to judge. But I can tell you this; it is not a practical outfit for bike riding.

When the boys came out to get on their bicycles, the first boy hopped up on his bike and away he went, down the driveway and onto the street, where he waited for his brother. The other one tried to do the same. He started his bike going down the driveway, put his right foot on the peddle and swung his left leg up to go over the seat. Unfortunately, because the crotch of his pants was too low to clear the seat, it caught on the seat, throwing him off balance. When he tried to catch his balance, his pants were caught on the seat and his foot got tangled up somehow and he went down. Hard!! when he disentangled himself, he stood up but his pants were still caught and they stayed down. Lucky for him he had on very attractive boxers. He wasn't injured. Except maybe his pride. And his bike was okay, too. But he went into the house and came out wearing different pants and a regular sweatshirt.

I would say the best part of his day, was that he learned two lessons. One was about appropriate dress for bike riding, and the other was that he learned something about his friends. Not one of them laughed at him. There were a couple of smiles, but no one laughed at him. And when he returned, all they did, was get up on their bikes and ride away.

I was not as nice as his friends. When he was gone, I laughed till there were tears rolling down my cheeks. At least I didn't do it until he had left and I had gone inside.
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Thanks HD22. It was humorous. His friends were either very good friends, Or they knew something about him that I didn't. Like maybe he could have sulked for days, or had a temper tantrum???? Who knows??

this is a good story and i say more power to his friends they showed great streingth in not laughing at him i would have recked laughing at him of cource i think that typ of dress in not good for anything much less bikeing lol its to funny im still chuckling like a fog horn lol

That must have been a sight to see. I would love to see it. Actually a good idea when having a bunch of youngsters in a dark woods. At least you could keep track of them.

I know I couldn't. <br />
<br />
Oh, that reminds me of a story I read on the Dumb Criminals site. <br />
<br />
The cops were called because of a break-in, and when they arrived at the address, the thief began running away. Through back alleys, back yards, over fences, around blocks, and the police just kept going in their patrol car and finally after chasing the kid for a long way, they blocked his escape and cuffed him and put him into the car. The kid was baffled. He had done everything right, and he knew that neighbourhood like he knew his own bedroom, so how in the world could the cops have tracked him and caught him?? He was wearing running shoes with lights that flashed with each step. The cops just followed the flashing lights. No matter how many fences he jumped, he was signaling his trail, all the way. Nobody said you had to be a genius to be a criminal.