Electric Light Orchestra

Can't Get it Out of My Head
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I love ELO :D
When I heard Fire on High I didn't know it was them..I thought my tape recorder was haunted lol...it's funny when you play it backwards the message comes out clear as day...I love backwards music...I really love the "time" album..it has that whole outer space/futuristic theme ^,^

lady you make me laugh.. in a good way ... that is a complement !!

I love Alan Parsons Time Machine album for that same reason..It has that scifi thing goin'..

I get that reaction sometimes :D

me too ;- D

The only Alan Parsons project song I really know is "Eye in the sky"..It's Ok..I wonder what they're talking about??

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i have loved E,L,O,,, for many years and their album out of the blue is exceptional

Yes Great Group and wonderful music. Thank you. It kept me up till now.. still all good.

Wow.... brings back memories! Thanks...

You are welcome it is a treat to find this gold mine of music.

Thanx I haven't heard this in about twenty five years... I played the grooves off several of their albums. I love this stuff.. ck out the summer storm one.

it certainly was electrifying

this recording film.. video.. is very old maybe early 80's late 70's that is when I had that album


exactly my state of mind ( - ;