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Pink Floyd

Division Bell Tour from 1994.  see the YouTube video of this.. and Goci Valjanoski's discography of this  concert and others ....  David Gilmore on lead guitar and Nick Mason on drums.
This looks like Psychadelia at first but it really is progressive rock at its best too.    Note the song starting at 6:39. It is from their other albums
too but in Live at Pompei, there is no indication of who did the vocal on that video.. Here all three women's  vocal parts are the most unique part of this concert in my opinion.    This part is at the 2:24:08  HD Pulse concert.  It is one of my  music videos here too.
 See their 75 Los Angeles concert to see some of the same music.  I'm a sold out Pink Floyd fan.  Their 75 Live at Pompei video has the last song  and others on this concert too.  So these guys have been playing these songs for a while but never ceases to amaze me.

OkCountryBoy OkCountryBoy 66-70, M Feb 16, 2013

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