Baring Your Soul

A man is the sum of his experiences.  Or woman, as it is in my case.  I believe that there are few truer statements.  Other than flesh and bone, what is a person made of if not what they have been through?  What are they comprised of if not for emotions and thoughts from those experiences?

Sharing my experiences is rewarding and helpful to me.  I share my experiences sometimes to get something painful out or share another thing joyous or interesting.  I also do this to get a better sense of myself.  By knowing the things that I have done, the emotions I have, and my likes and dislikes then I can truely understand myself.  Also, by sharing experiences with others, they can get a better idea of how others operate or maybe a sense of belonging.  Perhaps by divulging a dark secret or a tragic event then another person can take solace in knowing they aren't alone.

theophania theophania
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2 Responses Feb 25, 2007

That indeed is the humanity of the EP at it's core...

I find that sharing my experiences does help me to better understand myself. Something about putting it into words (in an organized way that others could understand).. But I don't share them only for myself. I hope that maybe at least someone will be able to find something in them that they can relate to, and like you said, know they're not alone.