The Seven Year Itch

I shared my wife with another man for seven years. There are many stories here and I will share with you one that just came to mind this morning. I kinda invited myself over to his house for a bbq one Friday evening when they had planned an eveing together. My wife was okay with this and even though a little nervous told me not to get in the way and everything would be fine but to be ready for what could be a hot night or not depending on her mood. The meal was great but I noticed when I went to his washroom that he had a his and hers housecoat rack and there were two housecoats. This made me feel a little strange but at the same time they'd been seeing each other for a couple of years on a regular basis and she did spend plenty of evenings overnight there with him.

We drank quite a bit at supper and the conversation was friendly but I did notice that they were very friendly to each other. This put me in the mood because I enjoy watching her flirt. She was wearing a short skirt and a white blouse that showed her body perfectly. Later we were watching tv and she was sitting in the middle between us. He suggested a little ***** tape he had handy so we all agreed. She placed her legs over his while we watched the show and I knew she was starting to heat up. Without missing a beat he began rubbing the lower part of her legs and eventually started moving up to her thighs. I wasn't missing a beat either. The action on the screen was pretty hot but the real action was even hotter on the couch.

I excused myself and went to the washroom and when I returned I noticed that his hand was now under her skirt and he was moving it back and forth. I knew he was playing with her p ussy and I also knew she wasn't wearing any panties. She told me this before we left the house. We drove over there in two different vehicles. They didn't even notice me coming back in the room. They kept this up for a while and because he knew I was okay with their relationship he just kept doing what they would do if I wasn't there. She was really getting hot and started to thrust her body to his every move. He was now getting more bold and suddenly she started kissing him. That was it, he was all over her and eventually had her skirt up to her waist and was fingering her p ussy really well and she was in another world.

Before supper they had shown me a guest bedroom in his house in case I decided I had too much to drink and needed a place to stay the night. So when they were getting too hot and wanted to be more comfortable he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. It was getting pretty late and I took this to mean if I wanted to stay I could take the guest room or leave. Of course I took the guest room and enjoyed one of the best voyeoristic nights of my life.

At first it was very quiet and they left the door open a bit. I started to think either I couldn't hear very well or they were just making out and went to sleep. So I began to get undressed and lay down on the guest bed. As soon as I turned out the light, my room was across from theirs, I began to hear her low moans. I could tell when he was entering her because she has a give away moan that told me the precise moment of entry. After that it was all her she is a screamer and she was in full flight. He is larger than me in many ways but especially where she likes it, his ****.

They went at it for about half an hour. It got very quiet and I fell asleep. About four in the morning I was awakened by her screaming again. This time I could hear the headboard banging and knew she was getting it really good. I didn't have to sneak to their bedroom door I just walked over and listened and watched her get the banging of her life.

In the morning I looked in the doorway again and saw him rubbing his c ock up against her beautiful butt and she was responding. At this point I thought I would leave them alone and left for home. I could only imagine what went on after I left. She came home later that afternoon with a glow on her face, kissed me hello and asked if I enjoyed the evening. Of course I said yes and couldn't wait for the next invitation.

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That is such an erotic story and I can so easily picture everything that happened. The sheer agony and ecstacy of being cuckolded like arousing and so humiliating all at the same time.